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I am a designer and design educator with a MA in Creativity & Innovation from The Edward de Bono Institute of Thinking. As a Scot living in New Zealand, I taught design for 18 years at Massey University and ran my own company, Thinktactics, facilitating creative thinking and action for the NFP sector. My approach is also influenced by mindfulness based meditation and psychodrama, a method that encourages spontaneity through role play and other action methods. After recently moving to New York I have returned to my own creative practice which is influenced by my first career as a textile designer.

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My inspiration

Moving from New Zealand to New York I knew meditation was going to be my key to sanity but 2 months in I had already let it slip. I needed some kind of constant reminder. I also had many blank walls. So I set out to create a series of contemporary mandalas to inspire my practice.

As it was winter I started with a bare tree branch, however the processes of repetition & symmetry became more important than the motif itself. 

Reducing the motif to a simple circle, I went in search of an image that would evoke a feeling of balance & 'rightness', that was still complex enough to engage attention like traditional mandalas. 

As the work evolved the idea of imperfect symmetry evolved too. Perhaps inspired by my own struggles to let go of perfection through meditation practice.

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