A series of contemporary mandalas made purely from circles.

To buddhists, drawings of the circle are said to capture "a moment when the mind is free to simply let the body/spirit create". 


OM : 271 Circles

Using this most basic shape to create contemporary mandalas, I went in search of a feeling of ‘OM’ : A feeling of 'rightness' led by gut instinct, closely followed by critical analysis. All other shapes and patterns were created by chance and the mystery of hidden symmetry that is moire patterns. 

turqu and grey.001.jpeg

 Ra: 370 circles

Strangely, the feeling of 'OM' did not occur until I threw the perfect symmetry, easily created digitally, off.  And so this imperfect symmetry brings something more human and honest to the work. It also reflects the Buddhist belief that enlightenment is only achieved when we accept the imperfections of self and the world we have created. Learned mainly through working with the frustration of the busy mind during meditation.  

Ha : 270 circles

HUM : 256 circles

The circle image has a universal significance that evokes a feeling of mystery and magic. the 'magic' of these works being that strange patters called 'moire' occurred by chance in the overlapping of lines.

The configuration of the patterns themselves were often guided by where the ‘copy and paste’ tool of the computer program would naturally drop the copied image.

OM : 178 Circles

ah : 177 circles

To the Buddhist, drawings of the circle are said to capture "a moment when the mind is free to simply let the body/spirit create". This quote speaks to me about the aim of meditation and one of the deepest aspects of creativity.

so : 263 circles


So : 263 circles

process of creation and perhaps reduce some of the mystery of these pieces. The names are also an instruction or suggestion of a mantra and the amount of times it should be spoken as you focus on each individual circle.

The first part of the name comes from meditation mantras that use sound vibrations that are said to have enormous power when used to focus the mind. The second part is the number of circles in the work. By sharing this number I reveal more about the